Riley 100 WC

We saw a traffic sign and took no notice of the sign. Then I woke up in the mysterious car. … More

Ayman 100WC

4 years ago, a sad and emotional thing happened… A plane crash: taking 34 people with it. Leaving 34 deadly … More

Harley 100WC

When we went to the swimming pool on Wednesday morning,I  saw a sign which told you to stay on the … More

Zain 100WC

The gate of doom…… There we was zain, ayman, and harrison just entering the gate of doom “this is scary … More

Harrison 100WC

One day, we went swimming. I couldn’t wait. When we got there, we took no notice of the sign and … More

100WC Demi-Rose

What lies behind this old and creaky door in the forest which is crooked house that a fairy could live … More

100wc Artemis

Once i was walking in the creepy terrifying forest and that’s how it began trees were moving like a bunch … More

Yasmin 100WC

I found a creepy door next to a house that some people lived in and it was in the cold … More